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Do you like furnishing and decorating your home? Would you like to help Austin in beautifying or renovating his house? If yes, then you should start playing and using Homescapes hack. In this game, you need to renovate Austin’s home by completing the various tasks that have been assigned to you.

The tasks will be in the form of puzzles; some tricky while others easy! A few tasks that you need to complete are cleaning rooms, swapping furniture, changing carpets, etc. To do these assignments, you will be provided with a puzzle that has to be solved. Once you solve it, you can complete the assignment and reach new stages of the game.

Interesting Gameplay:

Austin has come home after several months for a holiday to stay with his parents. The house has not been renovated since long and is in a bad condition. His parents are planning to sell off the house and shift to a better home. However, Austin does not want to sell his childhood home and plans to renovate it completely. Your job is to help Austin in renovating the house. Get ready to complete the various tasks that Austin allots to you in the form of puzzles!

Coins; Its Uses And How To Earn Them:

The most important currency of Homescapes game is Coins. It is required for buying various furnishings, decorative items, swapping furniture, etc. You will even require Coins for buying Hearts or Lives. A vital usage of Coins is that you can purchase Boosters, which will help you in completing a tricky level quickly. Also, whenever the allotted moves are not sufficient for finishing a level, you can buy them with Coins.

As Coins are a vital currency, earning them is of utmost importance. You can earn them easily by playing the game on a regular basis. However, the amounts of Coins that you earn are not going to be sufficient. Some players spend real money to purchase Coins from the game shop while others play safely by using homescapes hack and cheat codes.

You can earn limited amount of Coins in the game by matching pieces on the grid, completing a day successfully, watching advertisements, etc. Another way to earn Coins is by saving a move while completing the puzzle. For each puzzle, you will have a fixed amount of moves allotted. If the moves get over before you complete the puzzle then you can purchase more moves with Coins.

On the other hand, if you save a move then you will acquire a special power-up in form of Rocket, Bomb, Paper Plane, etc. These power-ups are amazing to use as they will help in completing the puzzle as well as provide several rewards in form of in-game currencies.

Stars; Its Uses And How To Earn Them:

You will require stars; the special currency of Homescapes for upgrading and furnishing Austin’s house. To complete the various tasks that have been allotted by Austin, you will need Stars. There is a list of assignments that you need to do in the game. Each of them will cost you varied number of Stars.

Earning Stars is not simple! You need to grind for hours to acquire them in the game. When you complete a level, you earn a single Star. If you finish the puzzle and save some moves then you will earn rewards in form of Stars. Some players spend their hard-earned money to buy Stars while others make use of Homescapes cheats to acquire innumerable Stars instantly.

Using Power-Ups:

In most situations, you will be able to make 3 piece matches in the puzzle. If you make 4 piece or 5 piece matches, then you get a power-up. There are different power-ups like Rainbow, Bomb, etc. that can be procured in the game. The power-up that you obtain depends on the style in which you have played the puzzle. For instance; when you match four pieces in a square on the puzzle, you will get a Paper Plane power-up. This power-up can be used for destroying four pieces horizontally or vertically in the grid.

Similarly, the Rainbow power-up is perfect for blowing up all same colored pieces in the grid. In short, power-ups can be very helpful in completing the puzzle and reaching new stages of the game. Another way to obtain power ups is by swapping two of them together.

Purchasing Boosters:

You can purchase various kinds of Boosters in the game by spending Coins or buy them with real money. Another option is to use Homescapes Hack 2019. Boosters have to be purchased in the beginning of each level and have to be used for enhancing that particular level. The main purpose of Boosters is to destroy numerous pieces in the grid easily and quickly. It will even help you in saving a move; thus, you can earn several in-game currencies.

Saving Moves:

When you start playing the Homescapes game, completing the puzzles will be easy. However, as you keep progressing, it becomes tougher. You will be allotted with certain number of moves and you need to complete the level within those moves. As mentioned above, it is not going to be easy at all! You need to play strategically or you will fall short of moves. If you are unable to complete a puzzle with the allotted number of moves then you will have to play the same level again. Or, extra moves can be purchased with Coins; but, it is advisable that you plan your moves and play carefully.

Some Strategies That Will Help You In Clearing The Tricky Levels In Homescapes Game:

  • If you are unable to earn Coins, Stars, and Boosters in the game, then you can make use of real money to buy them. Or, a better option is to use Homescapes hack to acquire them instantly and in huge amounts.
  • Friends can provide Lives or Hearts to you when you need them the most! So, make as many friends as you can by connecting your game with social networking sites like Facebook.
  • Swapping Power-Ups is a great way to acquire a powerful power-up. This will help you in solving the puzzle easily. You will require a move to swap a power-up with another one.
  • Plan your moves in advance as you have to complete the puzzles within the allocated number of moves. Do not destroy pieces that are not required for completing the puzzle. If you do not solve the puzzle within the allotted moves, then you will have to play the level again right from the beginning.
  • If you want to earn some in-game currencies quickly, then you can replay the same levels again and acquire them.
  • Buy Boosters for completing a tricky level. You can buy them with Coins or real world money. The most preferred way is to use Homescapes hacks
  • Do not ever give up in the game. There are some really complicated levels out there, but with strategic planning, you will be able to complete them. So, keep trying and you will surely achieve success.
  • If you do not like the look of certain rooms, you can go back and change the design for beautifying it as per your desire.

All in all, Homescapes game can be enjoyed by kids as well as adults. Developed by Playrix Games, it is a wonderful and entertaining game that will keep you busy with several complex puzzles. Austin’s house is enormous and gorgeous, so decorating various rooms of the house will certainly keep you hooked to your gaming device.

To renovate the house, you will be provided with hundreds of designs and options. You can select any of them as per your preference. This will even help you in exploring your artistic quality. So, have fun while showcasing your talents and creativity. Ensure that you beautify the house in such a way that Austin’s parents change their decision of selling the house. Try Homescapes cheats and the game now and enjoy playing!


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